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    Planning Technology provides the technical and analytical services for applying state-of-the-art computer technology toward aviation clients. The company is in a unique position to have the advanced computer skills coupled with a solid background in aviation matters to work closely with and understand the integration of these systems into the aviation environment.

    Planning Technology has conducted needs assessment studies for airport and naval facilities to analyze current programs and identify future computer information system requirements. This involved the inventory of existing capabilities, including hardware, software, system procedures and methods; the evaluation of data input and output needs; the assessment of budgetary constraints; and the recommendation of an implementation plan, identifying task elements, configurations, specifications, budget and consultant agreements.

    Planning Technology was and continues to be the principal developers of 3DAAP. We are responsible for the development of the concept as well as identifying, approving and implementing the specific work tasks. We work with leading airports and the FAA to provide technical support and quality control of the final 3DAAP products along with identifying and developing new applications, approaches and methodologies as related to the programs and any other computerized needs requested by the agencies and/or airport users. PTI has worked closely with the Airway Facilities Department and Flight Procedures Branch of the FAA’s Southern Region in defining airspace applications as well as checking the quality, accuracy and use of the programs.


    Florida Department of Transportation

    Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

    Federal Aviation Administration

    Metro-Dade (Miami) Aviation Department

    Greater Orlando Aviation Authority

    Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority

    Taiwan Air Force

    Daytona Beach International Airport

    Palm Beach International Airport

    Vero Beach Municipal Airport

    Puerto Rico Ports Authority

    Memphis-Shelby County Airport Authority

    Jacksonville Port Authority

    Titusville-Cocoa Airport Authority

    Hillsborough County Aviation Authority

    Virgin Islands Port Authority


    McCarran International Airport - Las Vegas

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    3D Airspace Analysis Programs planning tool which automates FAA criteria to evaluate on and off airport construction for potential conflicts with TERPS and FAR Part 77, ICAO surfaces, navaids, line-of-sight, radar and more. Included are mapping standards and electronic coordination of results with the FAA to speed the review process. 3DAAP has been customized and installed by PTI at a number of airports and FAA regional offices.


    An online system which captures master and system plan data and other critical operational data for normal planning functions as well as updating future planning efforts. Implemented at major airports through out the United States.


    Joint Automated Capital Improvement Plan, which is a modularized computer program for interactive coordination of aviation funding among airports, the FAA and the State of Florida. The system is a database software application whereby the airport develops its Capital Improvement Program; the FAA reviews the airport program and assigns priority and funding; the State reviews the projects and balances with the state work program; and all parties coordinate for maximum funding utilization. The program has been extremely helpful in identifying legislative funding needs.


    The Florida Aviation Inspector is a computer program to assist state aviation personnel in the inspection and licensing of airports. Included are functions for data management; FAA Form 5010 markup and reporting; automated reporting and notification; revenue collection; and license generation.


    Tools which allow the airport to easily collect & track utility/lease/tenant information and show spatial location on maps and within specific areas. Search and query routines access vital information and graphics about existing utilities, properties and assets.


    The compilation of detailed digital data standards for the acquisition, mapping development, organization and presentation of aviation graphic and non-graphic data. This is helpful to airports in leveraging the cost of acquiring the data for multiple applications.


    Taxi cab dispatch system for The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. Architecting, developing and implementing a new taxi dispatch system for the three major airports in the New York City area (La Guardia, Newark and JFK).


    We custom design data, applications and user interfaces to suit specific client needs using a variety of platforms and software approaches. Over 20 years experience in data systems utilizing Autodesk MapGuide Enterprise, AutoCAD Map, SQL Server, IIS and much more. Contact us today to see how we can address your needs.

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